Re: Applications won't run with explicit display parameter when GDM is used.

Is localhost properly defined in /etc/hosts?  The following command:
grep localhost /etc/hosts

...should return at least the following information: localhost

If not, then you need to fix that.

Is the hosts file being used?  The following command:

grep '^hosts:' /etc/nsswitch.conf

...should return one line with "files" first in the list, like so:
hosts:      files nisplus dns

Is the X server listening on display 0 of the localhost address? The following command:
netstat -tupan | grep

...should return a line with something listening to tcp on the port, like so:
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN

Are you blocking connections to localhost using some sort of host-based firewall (ipfilter, ipchains, iptables)? If so, either make sure it's open, make sure the hosts own packets are all allowed from all local interfaces (including, or turn it off temporarily for testing.

Are you getting an access denied message? Even if you're not, you might want to make sure the X server is either started without access control (not sure how) or you've properly run xhost to open it up (how is specific to your environment).

You can also check which sockets the X server is listening on using lsof.


Philippe Anctil wrote:

Hello list,

I've run into a strange problem and I'm hoping to find a solution in this list. My problem goes like this. When I start an X session with GDM, I cannot run applications with the display argument. For example:

xclock -display localhost:0


Error: Can't open display: localhost:0

This does not happen with kdm and xdm. The only argument that will work is either no -display arg or ":0" as it's value. I haven't encountered this issue in previous RedHat releases since v7.0. It is in Fedora I've found it.

Though it may appear to be a benign issue, it is not for me. I am supporting an application for which is messing the display value. I cannot override it to workaround the problem. Because of that, it won't open in a gdm session.

Does anyone have any idea how can I resolve this? I quickly went through the doc and my config files but found nothing.

Thanks for your time!

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