Re: Applications won't run with explicit display parameter when GDM is used.

"Philippe Anctil" <z77y16 hotmail com> wrote:
>I've run into a strange problem and I'm hoping to find a solution in this 
>list. My problem goes like this. When I start an X session with GDM, I 
>cannot run applications with the display argument. For example:
>xclock -display localhost:0
>Error: Can't open display: localhost:0

Looks like your X server is getting started with a '-nolisten tcp'
argument.  Check the command line in gdm.conf.  Removing that argument
will allow the X server to listen for network connections such as those
coming to the 'localhost' address.

Depending on your environment you might want to configure a firewall to
protect your X server from netwrok connections from outside your machine.

mike oliver sun com

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