Applications won't run with explicit display parameter when GDM is used.

Hello list,

I've run into a strange problem and I'm hoping to find a solution in this list. My problem goes like this. When I start an X session with GDM, I cannot run applications with the display argument. For example:

xclock -display localhost:0


Error: Can't open display: localhost:0

This does not happen with kdm and xdm. The only argument that will work is either no -display arg or ":0" as it's value. I haven't encountered this issue in previous RedHat releases since v7.0. It is in Fedora I've found it.

Though it may appear to be a benign issue, it is not for me. I am supporting an application for which is messing the display value. I cannot override it to workaround the problem. Because of that, it won't open in a gdm session.

Does anyone have any idea how can I resolve this? I quickly went through the doc and my config files but found nothing.

Thanks for your time!

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