Re: [gDesklets] gedesklets hide when switching back to desktop

On 09/26/2011 09:01 AM, Benjamin wrote:
> Hallo everybody!
> I really like gdesklets. Since i have upgraded my system to linux fedora 15,
> the desklets are not fixed on the desktop. When i press "show desktop", then
> i even cannot see the desklets, they are also hidden.
> Any suggestions?
> Thx. Benjamin.
> version of gdesklets
> 0.36.3


Sorry we haven't replied to you for almost a week.  A few questions for you:
Have you checked for similar bugs on launchpad
Did you have desklets on your desktop in Fedora 14 (just want to make sure
you've added some to the current profile)?
Are you running "Gnome 3" or "fallback mode" with compiz?  Would you be
willing to try the other mode to see if they show up again?
What does `gdesklets status` in a terminal report?


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