Re: [gDesklets] Getting 0.36.3 out there...

And hello again ;),

> I'll start packing up 0.36.3 now.

The tar.bz2 file can be found here:

I tested it here and it works perfectly fine.

So please test it!

I will make a release announcement tomorrow on launchpad if no errors
are found.

@joe: can you up it on the official site then (when it is online again).


We should discuss the next steps now.
As I mentioned on the "what's new page" I think we should focus on 0.37.
Shall be create a new branch for the upcoming 0.36.x releases and keep
the 0.3x branch for 0.37 ?

And the develbook needs to be adjusted/updated to 0.36.3, too.

Greetings, Bjoern

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