Re: [gDesklets] Getting 0.36.3 out there...

Hi there,

>> Since it's been about a month since we announced the beta, want to push the
>> release out this weekend?  I think it's stable enough...
> Sounds good to me.
> But I just want to have the "what's new page" ready and do some little
> cosmetics on the basic desklets.

OK, so I updated all the Basic Desklets:

- they all use icons on the prefs pages now (icons taken from Gnome
stock icons).
- they all use Controls witout ID strings (and need gDesklets 0.36.2+ now)
- they all provide all available metadata in the display files,
including the new ones (website, license and copyright)
- 15pieces has two new puzzles to solve (gimp splashs)

Please give them a try!

I hope to be able to pack up 0.36.3 tomorrow if no reports on errors or
wrong data provided will be given by then.
The "what's new page" will follow ASAP.

Greetings, Bjoern

PS: looks like has some problems again :/.

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