Re: [gDesklets] Need help with controls to make a multiline text entry

Thanks for the help, Bjoern. Now I can see the window to enter text. But if
I use gtk.main() to wait until the window closes, then I need to use
gtk.main_quit() to close it and this command is crashing gDesklet (Does it
uses gtk.main too?). I tried using a while there to make it wait by force,
but it is not showing the window this way.
Another option would be not to wait the window to close. But then I would
need the user to click one button to open the window, type the text, close
window and click another button to update the text...

Any ideas? Am I using gtk correctly?

Link for this version:<>

2009/1/27 Bjoern Koch <H Humpel gmx de>

> Hi there,
> > I placed it in my site then:
> >
> OK, got it ;):
> So, looks like you are mixing up a few things in there.
> OK, first of all: you have set up 4 properties in the, but
> only one of it (reciveText) is implemented in the
> So the other three properties need to be implemented, too, like:
>    text = property(...)
>    texto = property(...)
>    window = property(...)
> Furthermore the reciveText property is read-only but has only the fset
> function, which is the function for setting (and not getting or
> reading!) an attribute.
> The basics on control properties can be found in chapter 7.4.4 of the
> current develbook (
> But I am not a very good coder ...
> Anyway, hope that helps a bit ;). If you have further questions feel
> free to ask.
> Greetings, Bjoern

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