Re: [gDesklets] Need help with controls to make a multiline text entry

Hi there,

> I placed it in my site then:

OK, got it ;):

So, looks like you are mixing up a few things in there.

OK, first of all: you have set up 4 properties in the, but
only one of it (reciveText) is implemented in the
So the other three properties need to be implemented, too, like:

    text = property(...)
    texto = property(...)
    window = property(...)

Furthermore the reciveText property is read-only but has only the fset
function, which is the function for setting (and not getting or
reading!) an attribute.

The basics on control properties can be found in chapter 7.4.4 of the
current develbook (

But I am not a very good coder ...
Anyway, hope that helps a bit ;). If you have further questions feel
free to ask.

Greetings, Bjoern

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