Re: [gDesklets] Need help with controls to make a multiline text entry

Hi there,

> From what I saw, to use pygtk I need to make a control. But there is very
> few info about controls...


> Studying other desklets I managed to make a control that can at least be
> installed by gDesklet without error, but I am still not able to use it in
> the aplication.

So far, so good...

> The attachment in this mail has what I have so far. The control is suposed
> to have a function that when called opens a small window so the user can
> type text inside.

Well, I would be glad to take a look at it and help, but I never get any
attachment on this mailing list...

> More one question: when I edit one of the files of a control, do it needs to
> be reinstaled to get the new ID string?

AFAIK you need to restart gDesklets when you change anything within a
Control. But when the ID changes things tend to be more difficult.
Deleting the registry seemed to be something that always helped me when
working on Controls. But this might be a "dirty hack" to deal with the

> Hope someone can help me...

If you find a way to send me the attachment (eMail or any PasteBin in
the web) I will be glad to take a look at it.

Greetings, Bjoern

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