Re: [gDesklets] Are There Any More Examples Using the HTML Tag in Desklets?

Hi Sean,

Sean Beeson wrote:
I completely see your point about it not making any sense to use the html
tag now that you inspired me become more familiar with controls and why they
are used. The GetHTML control should work fine. Any suggestion on how I can
render the html from GetHTML that is returned in a desklet display?

GetHTML returns content from a certain path inside an HTML document structure. So basically, you need to find the path of the HTML element from which you want to extract content and then render the content using normal desklet elements.

IIRC I put some instructions into the beginning of the .py file of the control. I think you could be able to use the control via the terminal and thus make it a lot more easier to find the relevant path of the element.

The example desklet that is pointed out to use IGetHTML, UrbanExplainer,
actually is using ISOAP:1k7xwme8liuaqh3g238fqzmgu-2, which curiously seems
to be missing as an actual download from the list of controls.

I really should fix that :). IIRC SOAP was the old name for the GetHTML control..


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