Re: [gDesklets] 0.36.1 frozen for testing

Hi there,

I'm really not a drupal expert (even though I built the site). Personally I don't like drupal :). It was chosen because the previous webadmin had started building on top of it when I took the task over.

Well, I personally think that drupal isn't that bad (especially drupal 6), but I also think that drupal isn't very suitable for the gDesklets homepage project.

I just googled a bit for a drupal todo module and haven't found any suitable one either.

Personally I'd just emphasize using the wiki and LP. LP would integrate nicely with the bug database and other SW-related stuff, so I guess I'd use that.

We could use LP's blueprints, but I personally don't like this idea as we would be having lots and lots of blueprints. Especially for (very) small tasks this seems to be a bad solution.

yaml looks great. It could be easily parsed by a desklet ;).

But the other things (wiki, vcs etc.) are fine, too.

It would be nice to have some way to connect people and (planned) releases to tasks, have some kind of progress information etc. Would be great to see this in LP (tasklist or todo list for the little things, blueprints for the bigger steps).

I like the task list for the unb forum (but it is not part of the forum software),e.g.
(try to edit a task and take a look at "all tasks", too).

Greetings, Bjoern

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