Re: [gDesklets] 0.36.1 frozen for testing

Hi there,

on today's IRC meeting we decided to have the current state of
0.36.1_beta frozen for testing.
Until the next meeting (as usual next Sunday) we will be testing all the
new features and patches.
If everything works fine 0.36.1 will be ready to be packed up and released!

As usual, everything takes more time than expected... ;).

Anyway, the 0.3x branch seems to be stable enough to have 0.36.1 released.

Robo is fixing the last bug to be implemented for this release (Bug
#201273: Shouldn't install images under /usr/lib/gdesklets) and bringing
everything together (desklets, docs etc.) in a new branch.

This seems to be the only thing left to be fixed for this release.

Only undecided thing left: the removal of shell2.

IMHO we should remove the shell from the 0.36 series (until it will be updated).

So, just let us know if everybody feels fine with it and we
will have it packed up for the weekend ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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