Re: [gDesklets] Idea: Close a running desklet

Mario González wrote:

Sometimes I need to close a desklet but I don't want to purge it. I just
don't want to have it on my desktop for a while.

Is as the same as applications works, for instance: Evolution. You must to
configure some accounts before start to using it but I think you won't
like your data disappear after closing it.

In a desklet is the same, perhaps there are some configurations I've made
and I don't want to loose them either, so far (AFAIK) it's not possible,
so if we agreed I'd like to add this feature in the TODO list we've got.


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Hi Mario,

there is a possibility to use different profiles in gD. One profile, for instance, you may setup as with this desklet running, another profile you may have without this desklet running. To switch between these profiles is then quite easy through shell (menu profiles) or through a command issued in terminal. The only thing you need to is to setup the used desklets in both profiles twice.

Hope this helps.



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