Re: [gDesklets] About Desklets in gDesklets


> I haven't tried desklets which are listed on the unofficial archive. It'd be
> interesting how many are working on linux (and *BSD). The page lists 252
> desklets at the moment. That's huge!

Well, there are 252 entries. These "entries" include Controls as well as
different versions. So "Calendar" e.g. has 8 of these 252 entries!
So there are "only" 150 (counted) desklet/control entries.

> We should keep those which are working on That way, it
> wouldn't confuse people who want to try the out but in the end fail to do
> so.

That's what the little icons are for :). But less than 50 of the 252
entries have been tested yet...

Greetings, Bjoern

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