Re: Beware of (no) debug...

> I meant the 'file chooser or preferences window crashes in Evolution'
> actually :)

well, if I've encountered this, I'd be on the track to gtk+ faster ;)
Attaching more than 1 or 2 (notice OR ;) attachments crashed evo ;) and
only if the files were images..

> Basically to work around pointer bugs. If you turn --disable-debug on in
> Evo and friends, g_return_if_fail doesn't do what it's supposed to, Evo
> treats it as a bug, and dies.

Oh. Will update my Makefiles right now... err - is this the same case
for stable Evolution? (1.4.6 - I'm still there)

> (just make sure you run 'evolution-1.5 --force-shutdown' from the prompt
> if it dies though, i've had two profile corruptions because I didn't :))

evolution --force-shutdown is "my flexible friend"

V. :)
  Ing. Ivan Noris
  System engineer, Business Global Systems, a.s.
  info & public key:
  "Semper cautus - semper paratus - semper idem Vix."

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