Re: Beware of (no) debug...

> > Welcome to assert country, did you find the file chooser or the
> > preferences window crashes yet :) .
> No, only that Evolution case (bad enough :)))

I meant the 'file chooser or preferences window crashes in Evolution'
actually :)

> Are there any hints or ideas, why Evo and her libraries need debug too?
> (currently I don't have debug in anything but glib/gtk+).

Basically to work around pointer bugs. If you turn --disable-debug on in
Evo and friends, g_return_if_fail doesn't do what it's supposed to, Evo
treats it as a bug, and dies.

You will probably see what I mean if you try and add a new GPG/SMIME key
to an existing account.

(just make sure you run 'evolution-1.5 --force-shutdown' from the prompt
if it dies though, i've had two profile corruptions because I didn't :))



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