Re: Beware of (no) debug...

Hi Paul, others,

> In stable GARNOME, --disable-debug has been the default for quite a
> while now.

Yeah ;)

> Welcome to assert country, did you find the file chooser or the
> preferences window crashes yet :) .

No, only that Evolution case (bad enough :)))

> Some of the guys in #garnome on IRC helped me track this one down --
> basically, glib and gtk+ are compiled with --enable-debug=minimum and
> evolution, e-d-s, libsoup and gtkhtml are compiled with --enable-debug.

Are there any hints or ideas, why Evo and her libraries need debug too?
(currently I don't have debug in anything but glib/gtk+).

> If you want to see the thought processes I used for turning debugging
> off, check patches 47-49 from my arch repo.

Oh. :( Seems I have no time to even try arch so far :(

Thanks and regards,
  Ing. Ivan Noris
  System engineer, Business Global Systems, a.s.
  info & public key:
  "Semper cautus - semper paratus - semper idem Vix."

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