Re: Re : Re : Error " In function `gnome_url_show_with_env' " SOLVED


i had solved my problem with the compilation.

i will explain it here to help who needs.

first, i uncompress the garnome.tar.bz2 into my home, and then i started
compile it. like i saw it was growing and growing in size (my home
partition is only 1 GB), i had to move it to /usr/local/share (wiht more
than 2 GB free), and continue compiling garnome there.

like it didn't report me any error, i thought all was OK. but before i
could see than garnome is full of absolute paths in its compilation,
instad relative paths.

so, i had to remove all the directory of garnome, and uncompress it
again in /usr/local/share and there make all the process, and all is
going fine :)

thank you for your help


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