Re: [SuSE 8.0] Build possible

Just a quick suggestion on this part -- uncommenting it from Epiphany's dependencies and letting Garnome build the version it thinks is right is probably the easiest way to handle this.

Olaf Bergner wrote:

8) OK. Epiphany wants a current mozilla build installed. And it wants the headers. Tried a recent SuSE mozilla-devel rpm. F.., linked against glibc 2.3. Tried a mozilla 1.4.0 rpm which is not linked against glibc 2.3. Well, it's compiled with gcc 2.95 which makes my shiny new gcc 3.3.1 choke when trying to link.

9) Got the mozilla 1.5b sources and compiled those with gcc 3.3.1. Then tried to rebuild epiphany several times. Some strange problems with libIDL not being found. Had to manually adjust a Makefile under /mozilla/embed or so.

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