Re: GARNOME 0.20.0 and Mandrake 7.2

<quote who="Jerome Warnier">

> >Sort of - the Xrender build *should* get everything in the right place to
> >build for pre-RENDER X servers. But XF86 4.2 is a better choice anyway. If
> >it doesn't work as-is, I need to find out why. :-)

> Why is this mandatory?

Read my post again - GARNOME tries to handle X servers that don't include
adequate render headers, but XF86 4.2 is preferred. The RENDER extension is
a pretty reasonable assumption made by both Free Software desktops now.

> I think it should detect this features and use it if present, but should 
> work otherwise.

Tough biscuits, sorry.

- Jeff

         "It's my head, Schwartz - it's my head!" - John Malkovich          

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