Re: [gamin] Tty to port gamin to Solaris

Hi Daniel,

I looked through the Gamin webpage again, and its source code, I noticed inotify is in Gamin source code, my understanding is below, could think it's right?

Gamin tightly depend on inotify, and inotify is only for Linux, and need Linux kernel support, so at the moment, seems it's impossible to make Gamin/inotify work at other OS, e.g. Solaris.... And if I would like to make Gamin run at Solaris, I have to provide a new file event notify to replace inotify, and create almost all of the gamin API again to use this new file event notify libaray...


Daniel Veillard 写道:
On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 11:18:00PM +0800, Henry Zhang wrote:
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reply...

I looked through the Gamin website, find several question, could you give any comments?

1. "No system wide server, instead it relies on per user server, if needed started on demand by the fam/gamin library."

Is it means each user ID have a fam-server? if so, in thin-client/server

  yes if they have program running using FAM APIs

mode, for example SunRay, there are lots of users, and connect to server, so have to create lots of fam-server? how to handle them? will cause some performance problem?

  No idea, you will have to check, the cost is of course dependant on
the efficiency of the interfaces provided by the system

2.any progress on portability?
I noticed this: "At this point Gamin is fairly tied to Linux, portability is not a primary goal at this stage" Also this in News: "fix build with Sun's compiler (James Andrewartha)" at,

so seems Gamin can build at Solaris, is there any other progress?

  No idea, I don't compile on Solaris, I just take patches when I receive some
and they look good.

3. Does Gamin provide API's to watch the entire file path including symbolic links?

  Gamin implement only FAM's APIs, and no recursive support.


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