[gamin] Building gamin on Solaris

I needed to build gamin for xfce on Open Solaris (using Sun Studio). From this I have a some patches if anybody is interested.


A summary of the changes are -

   * configure.in: needs to test for -lsocket and -lnsl
* libgamin/gam_api.c and server/gam_channel.c: ported to use getpeerucred Also updated configure.in to test for ucred.h and getpeerucred in libc.so * server/gam_fs.c: Change to use /etc/mnttab on Solaris rather than /etc/mtab
      Also updated configure.in to test for sys/mnttab.h
      Added gam_fs_set for ufs,zfs,vxfs filesystems if on Solaris
* server/gam_server.c: Change function call from gam_poll_generic_init to gam_poll_basic_init * libgamin/gamin_sym.version: needed to remove FAMDebugLevel and FAMDebug as ld complained
      that they did not exist.
* several configure related files: Solaris ld used -Mmapfile rather than --version-script=mapfile

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