Re: Proposing game for inclusion


Yeah, nothing personal (it wasn't you anyway).

I never really thought a single language hegemony made sense once the modules were split into separate repositories. Anyway, water under the bridge now.

I just posted to point out that every technology choice has an opportunity cost, and one should re-evaluate those on occasion.

I'm using PyGObject + Python3 in a number of significant code bases outside of GNOME and the current state of python + g-i is fantastic.


On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 9:09 PM, Thomas H.P. Andersen <phomes gmail com> wrote:
> Might I point out that the port of sudoku to Vala has been ongoing for more
> than two years.
> I initially ported it to PyGObject and Gtk+3 years ago and then politely
> instructed to abandon it (to wait for the Vala port to be completed).
> Finally, Python 3 is a modern language, and the PyGObject bindings are
> currently the most advanced and complete users of g-i.

Hi John,

I don't think that I ever asked you to abandon it. That was not the
intention at least. I appreciated your work on the port. It was a
great help. The long term goal was move all games the games to vala
because it was easier for us to maintain it that way [1]. The vala
port was never completed and I am to blame for that. I was just never
able to find the time to complete it. After we split all the games
into separate modules the primary motivation  was gone and now that we
even have it ported gtk3 and python3 it has dropped even lower on my

Today I consider Michael to be the real maintainer for the game and
the decision to go ahead with the port or not is up to him.

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