Re: Fwd: [delphi-en] Seeking Memproof like app for use With Free Pascal Lazarus RAD (Delphi 7 clone)

Hi Shlomi

On 4 May 2010 19:27, Shlomi Fish <shlomif iglu org il> wrote:
Hi Peter,

On Tuesday 04 May 2010 10:53:02 Peter Williams wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please do not think this is SPAM as that is furthest from my honest
> intentions. ALSO Apologies for the long post. If it upsets you then I
> respectfully suggest that you excercise you finger and delete the message
> -- it does not bother me.
> I want to develop FOSS code for Linux Games with I have over many decades
> developed in both Delphi 7 Enterprise and Lazarus RAD (Delphi cross
> platform RAD -- I forget which version)
> Probably wed or thurs I will get Acronis True Image to recover my backup of
> Ubuntu 9.04 from my NexStar for my desktop at home.
> At the moment I am using a public access pc in the Tas State Libary.. Great
> with comfory chair and huge monitor etc.
> Looking for recommendation on similar debugger to Memproof for use with
> Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal.... is this possible or what is the closest app
> for GNOME with a friendly GUI ???

May I ask what does this have to do with the gnome-games mailing list? As far
as I know, no games in the gnome-games package are written in Free Pascal -
some of them are C, some are C++ and AisleRiot also uses GNU GUILE/Scheme .

My code is originally Delphi 7 Enterprise for Windows currently being ported to Lazarus free pascal (some already ported).

Lazarus is a fully featured clone of Delphi 7 Ent (I think). And naturally, it can compile other languages like C/C++ or whatever you like. I am personally inexperienced at using Lazarus to compile C/C++ or other languages but it definitely CAN BE DONE.

My background is that I cut my teeth coding age 11 using Commodore BASIC 4 on a PET 4016 with 16KRAM. I went to Uni of Canberra and studying full-time as a mature aged student on unpaid leave from my Defence job. I learnt PASCAL and immediately fell in love with it as being pseudo-code and having stronger type casing than BASIC.

I did learn C/C++ and also other languages like Prolog and COMAL. Prolog and Logo are also old favourites of mine.

Regarding the choice of languages, I believe in choosing the most appropriate language suited for the particular task. I think that there may well be pitfalls in blindly always using one language. ;-))))

I dislike the use of GOTO's as Commodore BASIC 4's if-then implementation did not support the ELSE statement. This taught me the coding techniques to rewrite code which use GOTOs to not use them. Interesting reading is the article (I have it archived *SOMEWHERE*)

"Gotos Considered Harmful"

Which I found when studying Electronic at TAFE College for my Defence for qualification.
I'm not sure the gnome-games maintainers will accept any FPC-based code into
their distribution.

So why are you cross-posting your messages regarding FPC to the gnome-games
mailing list? I strongly suggest you refrain from doing this because it is
off-topic here.

Actually, what I am really wanting to do is find a discussion list or yahoo group for discussing GNOME Game programming techniques... I am a long term Windows Delphi 7 Ent developer and now develop with Lazarus and other languages for Ubuntu. I also need help and advice with installing Lazarus and selecting a debugger similar to Memproof for Windows for Ubuntu. Is this Possible???


       Shlomi Fish

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