Fwd: [delphi-en] Seeking Memproof like app for use With Free Pascal Lazarus RAD (Delphi 7 clone)

Hi All,
Please do not think this is SPAM as that is furthest from my honest intentions. ALSO Apologies for the long post. If it upsets you then I respectfully suggest that you excercise you finger and delete the message -- it does not bother me.
I want to develop FOSS code for Linux Games with I have over many decades developed in both Delphi 7 Enterprise and Lazarus RAD (Delphi cross platform RAD -- I forget which version)
Probably wed or thurs I will get Acronis True Image to recover my backup of Ubuntu 9.04 from my NexStar for my desktop at home.
At the moment I am using a public access pc in the Tas State Libary.. Great with comfory chair and huge monitor etc.
Looking for recommendation on similar debugger to Memproof for use with Lazarus RAD and Free Pascal.... is this possible or what is the closest app for GNOME with a friendly GUI ???
see below... (sorry again for the long message... old habits die hard)

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Subject: [delphi-en] Seeking Memproof like app for use With Free Pascal Lazarus RAD (Delphi 7 clone)
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Hello Delphi people,

This message may be a tiny bit off topic, but I hope that it is okay.

I am a 48 yo retired ex-Aussie Dept of Defence (Navy, Government) guy. When I worked for the R.A.N. in Navy HQ in Canbera -- I did mostly the following:

From 1981 to circa 2005 - Trainee Draftsman, Electronics and Full Naval refits, ships, submarines, Naval bases. Everything from the full system packages down to the pin out in cable schedules... printed from the CSIRONET Supercomputers. Then it became redundant ! :-O) I have used many CAD systems and also pen-and-ink drafting. Designed many databases and cut code for the websites of some of the R.A.N. Naval Communications intranet websites. (I had lots of help!!!).

I have been a long time advocate of Delphi and you will see my Delphi Source code page on http://pewink.org { please ignore the adverts -- I earn a few $$ that way, but not a lot }

When working for the RAN I obviously learnt Delphi for Java like apps and HTML content. I would write lots of code in Delphi in my 'spare' time.... many DOD reorganisations would leave idle time and I would educate myself with Delphi coding techniques.

I am now ... and have been for the past 3-4 years, experimenting with Linux and Free Pascal and Free Lazarus for Cross Platform development. It is a Delphi 7 Enterprise clone available for almost every platform you can imagine.

I the past 2-3 months my desktop has been in a state of flux with different versions of Linux and trialing different version control systems and code browsers.

I have settled on the following config (subject to change):

OS -- for desktop: Linux Ubuntu 9.04 with GNOME NOT KNE
Not dual booting as I really have a strong anti-Micro$oft trust issues -- I have been told that Windows 7 is good but I have not tried it and I am not interested. Too expensive and Ubuntu with GNOME and FOSS is very similiar to Windows in GU interface.

Compilers: Full GNU compilers (probably) but I want to use the K.I.S.S. Principle as I don't like to cut assembler code. I prefer PASCAL

==> Free Pascal and Free Lazarus RAD. Latest stable versions. You need to be careful if you play with the experiental versions.

V.C.S -- Probably I will try Rapid SVN -- I have it installed but I need some easy to follow tutorials. My preference would be for Powerpoint compatible slideshows or similar (I use Open Office 3 with Impress)

I would love to use Memproof for Lazarus. Is this possible??? My friend in Canberra, Mike P. is a currently unemployed Delphi comms programmer and he loves to hack (develop) Turbo Pascal and Delphi apps. He also has some excellent freeware libraries I would love to share with this group.

Also, I plan to use Code Browser for Linux Ubuntu --- does anyone have any advice / tutorials about using this???

Fondest Regards,

Peter the Poet and FOSS Developer, Adult Educator & Author
http://pewsfunnybone.googlepages.com (I run out of time to add jokes and cartoon and have 100s to upload!)

BRAND NEW!!!! Still waiting for me to design it:
http://pews-freeware-games.org <-- this is where I will port all of my Delphi Source Code games and others to be cross platform Lazarus code.



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With Best Regards,
   PEW { Peter Eric Williams }
from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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