Re: gbrainy & GNOME games

Hello Alan,
Gnome Games does not yet include Mono.  On that basis I assumed it was
unlikely to become part of Gnome Games and restrained myself from
expressing my dismay at the choice of name with a g- prefix.  Very old

I knew that this was old-fashion. I had a list of potential names and
gbrainy was the one that was more appealing to me.

that should be
"Love and patience"
the concept rather than a person in hospital.

Fixed. Thanks.

You have used your own custom icons for actions such as endgame (stop) end
program (close/quit) and I would be concerned about the negative impact
this would have on accessibility compared to using standard items where
the icons would change to match the users theme.

The Close button actually ends the current game. I see your point, but
many applications like Evolution prefer to give their own toolset to
make sure that it is predictable how they will look and all the icons will have the same look.

Looking at the Answer Bar at the bottom of the game window I notice a
problem.  Gnome use OK with a capital K not lowercase, but again this is a
symptom of not using GTK Stock items.  Using the stock items correctly not
only helps with theming it also means that a lot of the basic will get
automatically translated for you too, taking advantage of all the work
that has already been done to translate GTK.
Doesn't look like you have used stock items for the menus either.

You are right, I fixed this.

You use the label "Questions" but only one question is shown at a time
(far as I can tell) so it seems "Question" would make more sense.  (I
could interpret the label to mean the space where the questions will
appear but since only one question appears at a time this doesn't make as
much sense to me.)

This was removed some time ago.

You use the label "Your answer", I think the impersonal "Answer" would
be more in keeping with Gnome (although you would need to put in a comment
for translators to make it clear you mean Answer as a noun and not a

That's right. I fixed this.

Hope that helps, all I have time for, for now.

It does indeed.

Thanks Alan,


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