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For the last six months I have been working on gbrainy[1], a brain
teaser game and trainer that includes logic puzzles, mental calculation
games and memory trainers. gbrainy had a good reaction for the users and
I got many e-mails with suggestions, bug reports and ideas.

gbrainy has already been ported to the OLPC[2], translated to several languages[3] and it is available for many Linux distributions. In the project page there is a detailed roadmap and I plan to keep working on it.

I would like to propose the inclusion of gbrainy in the GNOME Game
package. Brain teasers games  are getting very popular lately and I
think that it would be positive for GNOME to package a game like this.

I have been reading the "Gnome Games - Developer's Guidelines" and there
is a paragraph that says: "Gnome Games is a very large package and there
is neither the room for new games or the time to maintain them.
Therefore no new games will be accepted into Gnome Games". I would like
to understand what is the rationale used to consider that is a very
large package or if this is something that comes from ancient times and
needs to be reviewed.

My intention is be to move gbrainy to gnome-games SVN directory and
integrate it with the GNOME games package.

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