Re: gbrainy & GNOME games

Hello Andreas,
Although I don't think there is room for more games in the
main gnome-games distribution, perhaps instead new proposals such as
gbrainy could be included in a new package, for example gnome-games-extra-data.

This would solve an important issue: games that are not part of gnome-games have a big challenge in reaching more users, potential contributors, getting packaged for more distros and so on.

Another idea would be to split gnome-games in different packets according to the kind of games that they are card games, arcade games, logic games, board games and you could have a different maintainer for every package.

It would be good if we can find an approach where gnome-games helps new games to reach more audience and acts as umbrella project. Right now, gnome-games can only really help the games included in its own package.



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