Re: Aisleriot/Blackjack cards

On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Aike Reyer wrote:
Thomas H.P. Andersen schrieb:
If we want to keep bonded I think we should try to convince an artist
to look at improving the faces. They don't look too good IMO and they
are the main reason I prefer anglo over bonded. (Ultimately I would
still prefer something along the lines of seans work to replace the
current cards at some point in the future)

One reason why bonded is so much faster, is that the faces are bitmaps.
So I thought I give it a try and substituted the faces in anglo.svg with
Although I use a higher resolution than bonded (213px vs 91px), it renders
about 1.3 times faster than bonded (using Freecell with

And though it does not scale as nicely as pure anglo, the lower quality is
almost unnoticeable on screen (or at least to my eyes). The file size is
about the same as anglo.svg.

I hope, that it is still ok to send attachments to this list and attach
the file.
Notice that I use colors from the tango palette in the attached version.
Might be an idea to change this in anglo/gnomangelo. Though the "black"
looks a bit pale. What do you think?
I can easily create different versions.

If you are interested I can do the same with the faces in gnomangelo.

Great! That pretty much settles the performance issues. Could you also do the same for gnomangelo?

 - Andreas

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