Re: [pkg-ggz-maintainers] [Secure-testing-team] A case of large code duplication

There already is a chess room on that seems to
work fine...

On 11/10/2007, Josef Spillner <josef ggzgamingzone org> wrote:
> On Monday 08 October 2007 23:33:24 Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> > Ok, so just so we're clear from this massive list of CC's, who's doing
> > what and what do we (Gnome Games maintainers) need to do to help clear
> > this up?
> Sorry, have been away for a few days. The gnome games task would be to remove
> the internal copies of all non-GUI GGZ libraries and use the system-wide
> installations instead. And of course to mention any problems if there are
> some :)
> Our task will be to look into the libggzgtk improvements, and setting up a
> glChess server at, and updating the GGZ debian
> packages with the branch changes, which already include the gnome games
> changes, so the Debian people (who started this thread) become happy.
> That's all I can think of from now, but I haven't read through all of the
> recent mails yet.
> Josef
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