Re: [pkg-ggz-maintainers] [Secure-testing-team] A case of large code duplication


let's reluctantly try to get a solution which is on par with Solomon wisdom 
and the cutting of the Gordian knot, and for the joy of oojah also the 
finding of the holy grail (just to name a few, we're not bold at all):

On Wednesday 10 October 2007 19:05:07 you wrote:
> The reason that the GGZ libraries are embedded within gnome-games is that
> GGZ wasn't available in most distributions, or not with the version
> supported by gnome-games (GGZ 0.0.14 at the release of gnome-games
> 2.18.0).

In the case of Debian, Josselin was upset because there were differences 
showing up between the gnome-games version and the pristine upstream sources.

If you want to include GGZ libraries for those distros whose packagers would 
even ignore an error which reads:
	"Error: GGZ libraries not found. Configure again using
	--use-included-ggz or something such."
That would be fine. It implies a choice between internal and external copy, 
without any differences. Which means that no modifications are done to the 
included GGZ libraries. Instead, you modify in GGZ SVN and only sync from 
there from time to time. This way, security-aware packagers (such as in 
Debian) get what they want, and all others are pointed out 
the --use-included-ggz switch, and will use it instead of the also 
available --disable-ggz switch.

But I also believe that all distros have GGZ now. Fedora was the last one to 
catch up (by last week or so), so I'd still favour having the internal copies 

> Here is the info about how to get GGZ as a external dependency for GNOME:
> So if you can convince everyone that GGZ should be a GNOME dependency,
> then I'm all for that!

This is something I see as a second effort. My assumption is that there be 
strict requirements towards API and ABI stability. I'll get in touch with the 
gnome release team to find out more.

But there's still a difference between GGZ-vs.-no-GGZ and 


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