Re: Riot in aisle 800


Le vendredi 25 mai 2007 à 10:50 +0100, Alan Horkan a écrit :
> On Fri, 25 May 2007, [UTF-8] Andreas Røsdal wrote:
> > Now, will you port the rest of the games to the Maemo platform?  :-)
> I'd really hope that of the older games Ailseriot would be the most
> difficult and that maybe just maybe some of the others game could be
> "recompiled for" rather than needing much porting.  From the sounds of it
> you were able to get Aislreriot running quickly enough and the rest of the
> changes could be considered optimisations, the kind you will likely likely
> need or want to repeat your for the other games too.  (GTK only versions
> could encourage other groups like XFCE to take more of an interest in
> Gnome Games, one would hope.)

A basic port is easy, yes. You need to change the initialisation code to
use plain GOption instead of GnomeProgram, and to instantiate the
osso_context and the HildonProgram. Then you change the main window from
GtkWindow to HildonWindow, and tweak the UI so the menubar isn't packed
into the window but instead used as the HildonWindow menu in the
However doing that won't necessarily give you a good port. The drawing
might be too slow, or the interaction code not suitable for stylus or
finger pointing. E.g. the click-to-move mode in AisleRiot wasn't really
adapted to the device, since click-hold-and-move is harder than just
clicking the origin, then clicking the target. So I'd definitely expect
that you'll have to spend more time after the basic port to fix those
problems, to make the game a good experience on the device.


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