Re: Hearts considered?

Sander Marechal wrote:
Alan Horkan wrote:
I could probably contrive a suitable example from the HIG but it tries to
show how best to do things rather than how not to do it.  This is a more
general thing, have you ever seen an application which offered the choices
( ) Yes ( ) No, in a radio list?

You might notice how Gnome tries to use actions/verbs on button labels,
which in many cases can save you from needing to read the dialog at all.
[Cancel] [Discard] [Save]

(Now lets see if I can remember this precisely...) Recently a developer
pointed out how if you label your checkboxes carefully it makes
documentation easier,

[ ] Shoot the messsenger
[ ] Show the status bar
[ ] Hide the contraband

Notice how the labels are positive, the checkboxes are set true
or false as needed.

I see. So plain checkboxes would be better for these preferences settings.

I've changed it to checkboxes with revision 44. Thanks for the information.


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