Re: Hearts considered?

Alan Horkan wrote:
I could probably contrive a suitable example from the HIG but it tries to
show how best to do things rather than how not to do it.  This is a more
general thing, have you ever seen an application which offered the choices
( ) Yes ( ) No, in a radio list?

You might notice how Gnome tries to use actions/verbs on button labels,
which in many cases can save you from needing to read the dialog at all.
[Cancel] [Discard] [Save]

(Now lets see if I can remember this precisely...) Recently a developer
pointed out how if you label your checkboxes carefully it makes
documentation easier,

[ ] Shoot the messsenger
[ ] Show the status bar
[ ] Hide the contraband

Notice how the labels are positive, the checkboxes are set true
or false as needed.

I see. So plain checkboxes would be better for these preferences settings.

Hearts is my first free software project (actually, the first Linux app
I try my hand of after a few years of Win32 coding) and I haven't been
able to wrestle myself through all the thousands of pages of
documentation on various topics scattered around the net :-)

All the important bits should be on and parts are
repeated on but I have trouble keeping track of it all too.
Reading straight through the documentation end to end isn't fun but if you
do have any doubts about how best to arrange something it can be well
worth dipping into the relevant section of the HIG as needed.  Best to try
and learn a little as you go along, and try to use what you have seen in
other programs you like using as an example.

I find lacking in certain parts. It's a great resource if you're already know Gnu/Linux development but I started from scratch having only experience with Win32 Visual C++ coding. The biggest problem I had with documentation (in general, not just Gnome) are old versions recommending already outdated techniques. In the end I usually ended up browsing the Gnome CVS and looking what other (new) applications are doing.

More fun than any guidelines is the Interface Hall of shame:

Ha, that's a great link :-D

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