Re: spanish deck

On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 02:00 +0200, Francisco Yuste Garcia wrote:
> Well i'm simulating a challenging game, so computer will be the opponent
> by AI algorithms. Although it could be interesting to allow games for
> two human opponents.
I see. I don't want Aisleriot to expand to include two-person games, but
a separate program that shares code would be a good idea.

> I recently included the 'sota' at the same place. Perhaps it makes the
> cardset a bit slow. Is a loading cardset's progress bar a good idea?
It isn't a good idea. Every time the window resizes - even just a little
bit - we re-render the cards, and that is the slow bit. A progress bar
on a window resize is a very bad idea. The current bottle-neck is, I
believe, the speed of libart. The librsvg guys seem to think things will
be better when they switch to using Cairo for the drawing. I don't think
it will solve the problem when the rendering time is in seconds and I
think there may have to be a change to the drawing architecture (things
like rendering cards individually rather than as a group, cutting out
detail automatically, low-res pre-renders; no code yet though, just
vague ideas).

 - Callum

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