Re: 0.5 beta feedback

On Sat, 2011-05-07 at 17:16 +0200, Mario Sanchez Prada wrote:
> [...]
> It seems it's all the same thing: looks like frogr tries to show the
> dialog because it is actually fetching tags in the background (no matter
> if the tags autocompletion feature is enabled or disabled) and showing
> the progress dialog when it shouldn't.

I think I fixed these bugs now in master (and hopefully didn't introduce
any new one), so I just created a couple of Ubuntu Maverick packages (32
and 64 bit) for you to be able to test it easily (attached).

> Perhaps, I should make it so frogr didn't even try to fetch the tags
> list if the tags autocompletion feature is switched off, so we would be
> saving the extra network data transfer due to the list of tags. And if
> at some time you happen to enable the tags autocompletion feature, then
> frogr will at that moment download the list of tags.

I thought for a while about this and I definitely think it makes no
sense to punish frogr uses having the tag autocompletion feature
disabled by having to download anyway the full list of tags, even if
they won't ever use it.

So, I implemented it exactly that way: if tag autocompletion is disabled
no tags will be fetched and if at some point that gets enabled, then
right at that moment frogr will try to download the list of tags and
will block (by showing a progress dialog with "Retrieving tags..."
message) any attempt to open a dialog needing tags ("edit picture
details" or "add tags" dialogs).

Hope you like it and that it works better now.


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