0.5 beta feedback

Hi Mario,

I've been trying out the 0.5 beta, and the orientation for vertical
photos works great! So does the removing the file extension.

There's one pesky bug, though, that I've encountered. I've attached a
screenshot. When you double-click on an image to add tags and such,
this empty message comes up. I let it run for 5 minutes before I hit
cancel, and the tag editing window came up without a problem.

I think it has to do with me having tag completion turned off. When I
turned tag completion on, a message box came up (same size, shape, and
progress bar as the buggy un-message), but it didn't take long for
that box to go away and the tag editing window to come up.

Also, when I have tag completion turned on, and I put a second photo
in Frogr and go to edit the tags, there's no message box that comes
up. However, when I turn off tag completion, the message box comes up
every time-- for the second photo, the same way as for the first.

Thanks again for all your work improving Frogr!


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