Re: Re: GNOME ASIA logo competition

I do not have the text or voting information for this competition. That would be something Kristi would know.

As for "is there a feasible way" to work around this issue? In short, yes. 

#1) you heard directly from our Executive Director that there is no non-free code running on our GitLab instance, and the issue here is a technicality with the fully libre _javascript_ code on the page not adhering to LibreJS spec. With that understanding and until a permanent fix can be made upstream, I see in your own photo that whitelisting is a feature of LibreJS.

Which leads me to #2) taken from the LibreJS information page:

LibreJS lets you whitelist domain names and subdomains to bypass the regular _javascript_ check. This might be useful, for example, if you are running your own code in a local web server. In order to add a whitelisted domain or url, go to Tools >> Add-ons, or press Control + Shift + A. Inside the add-on window, click on Extensions, and in the list, where you see LibreJS, click on the Preferences button. You will see an input field labeled Whitelist. In the field, enter comma-separated domain names. Do not enter the protocol. For instance to whitelist all the pages of and, enter ‘’. To allow all subdomains from, enter: ‘*’. This will match such sites as and"

Given that you hopefully trust the word of our Executive Director, whitelisting should be a reasonable way to get you full access to the competition, with no need for extra html pages or secondary voting system needed.


On Sun, Jul 7, 2019, 4:54 PM Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
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  > With that out of the way, it seems like your issue with this competition
  > was not that of free vs non-free software, but rather LibreJS
  > compatibility.

LibreJS is the only way for users to avoid running lots of nonfree
programs as they browse.  If you think there is a better solution,
please describe it -- as far as I can see, there is no other.

                   With all do respect, I believe the onus was on you in this
  > case to work around this issue.

Is that even possible?  Is there a feasible way to "work around" the
need for _javascript_ code to declare its license and source code?  I
don't see one.

One cannot have the responsibility to do the impossible.  We have to
use a method that is possible.

                                    You put extra effort on part of our
  > foundation and myself to solve for you a self-inflicted technical issue.

LibreJS is a solution to the problem of avoiding running the nonfree
software that many web sites send to the user.  If it involves some
work for web sites, well, "freedom isn't free" (i.e., gratis), as the
saying goes.

The only way to consider this "self-inflicted" is if you reject solving
tthe problem.

  > While it would be excellent if GitLab had greater compatibility with
  > LibreJS, that is not exactly a GNOME Foundation problem to address.

GitLab's responsible for not labeling its _javascript_ for automatic
license detection, but the GNOME Foundation is responsible for including
that unlabeled code in its page.

As you recognize, it is not hard to put the logos in a page of
ordinary HTML.  We're going to do this, so as to be helpful.

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