Introducing Christoph Simon

Hi there!

I've just received my foundation membership and like to introduce
myself. My name is Christoph Simon and I live in Karlsruhe, Germany,
where GUADEC 2016 took place. GUADEC 2016 is also my main contribution
so far, I did the visa invitation letters and I helped organizing and
running it. Now I got involved with the travel committee and I am
working on a web app for applying for and granting of travel

I'm 33 years of age and I'm a electrical engineer, working at the
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on a PHD thesis (KIT is the
university in Karlsruhe where the venue was). My field is power
electronics and specifically I'm working at the Light Technology
Institute on an EU project to build a water disinfection system with UV
radiation; my part is the power supply to a newly developed UV-Lamp.

Computers and Programming are hobbies to me, I do know mainly Python
and C, and some microcontroller and FPGA programming because I use
those to control my power supply. I also know GTK, I've already used it
for several (non public) apps.

Thanks for having me in your community,
I'm looking forward to improving GNOME with you,
Christoph Simon

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