Re: Board of Directors Elections 2017 - Candidacy - Alexandre Franke

Hi Philip,

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 6:58 PM, Philip Van Hoof <philip codeminded be> wrote:
Interesting, indeed. You plan to bring decentralisation to GNOME's
political and ethical values of the board, too?

I tried to understand how you went from what I said to this, but I
couldn’t. While you used the same keywords I had in my original
statement, you wrote something that is quite unrelated to what I said.

If so, how would that look like? A confederation of areas of expertise
with each a small hierarchy of decision making?

The board does not make people do anything, so it would be difficult
for it to force a structure or hierarchy. There already is a structure
in place and I really can’t see where you’re going with this.

Which areas would there be? Marketing, technical, organisational,
conference and hackfests, documentation, i8an, financial, etc?

How is that different from the current teams we have?


Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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