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Hi Max,

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I know there will be more people ask questions about all domain with GNOME, so I ask 1 question with Asia first.
I have 3 questions to all candidates

Thanks for taking the time to send these questions! 

1)  How many hours per week do you expect you will be able to dedicate to working on the board on a regular basis?

I expect to spend between 5-10 hours per week. My employer  has committed to sponsoring ~2 hours per week for me to spend on board duties. The remaining time will be my own volunteer time.

2)  What's your plan and view with GNOME in Asia? How do you think about grow GNOME in Asia? How to co-work with others?

I would do my best to make sure that organizers and contributors in Asia are given the resources they need to continue to foster growth. This could be in the form of financial support (through funding conferences, travel, etc); helping with planning, and ensuring that requests for marketing resources are met.

3)  About GNOME Executive Director, how do you think about GNOME ED? And what will you do if we still search GNOME ED? ( I am not mean for help to search GNOME ED, cause we already have GNOME ED committee :)  )

I think the GNOME ED plays an important role in helping the community to focus on the vision and goals of the project. The ED  sets the tone for the public image of GNOME through engaging the larger community and our AD Board. I hope that if I'm elected I can help to make sure that a new ED is hired as soon as possible. In practice I hope that as a new member of the board I can learn more about where I can be most effective in helping with the search, and focus my efforts in making sure I do whatever I can to make sure the search is fruitful.


* We start to have sponsors from Asia with GUADEC.
* There are some open source events related and co-work with GNOME Users Group or Members in Asia.
** Hong Kong Open Source Conference  ( )
** openSUSE.Asia Summit ( )
** FUDCon ( ) ---- We held GNOME.Asia Summit 2014 together with FUDCon.

Thanks again for all candidates volunteering to the Foundation Board.

Max Huang

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