Re: Question to GNOME Foundation Board candidates

Hey Max,

Thanks for the questions!

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 1:41 AM, Max <sakanamax gmail com> wrote:
1)  How many hours per week do you expect you will be able to dedicate to working on the board on a regular basis?

Board work is quite fragmented in my experience, so it's hard to say exactly how many hours I've spent on it each week. What I can say is that I feel like I've been one of the more active board members for the past year. This has enabled me to keep on top of a handful of ongoing issues, as well as being able to take up new initiatives. If I'm reelected I would keep going at the same level.
2)  What's your plan and view with GNOME in Asia? How do you think about grow GNOME in Asia? How to co-work with others?

I'm supportive of GNOME.Asia and would like the Foundation to continue supporting that event. I would also like us to be supporting other GNOME events in Asia (and indeed, throughout the world). This isn't something that the board itself can easily lead on, but it would be good for it to advertise that support is available. It would be great if GNOME in general could be encouraging local groups and events, and the board should certainly be a part of that positive support and reinforcement.
3)  About GNOME Executive Director, how do you think about GNOME ED? And what will you do if we still search GNOME ED? ( I am not mean for help to search GNOME ED, cause we already have GNOME ED committee :)  )

I think that it's important that we have an Executive Director, and I'd make the ED search a priority if I were elected. If the continue to struggle to recruit someone, I'd be open to rethinking the ED role, although I'm not sure what that would exactly mean in practice.


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