Re: Travel committee disfunctional?

On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 3:35 AM, Max <sakanamax gmail com> wrote:
Hi Zeeshan and ALL

Hi Max,

I am Max, one of the travel committee members and GNOME.Asia members.

We have 2 wiki for GNOME travel instruction.

Thanks so much for providing all the details here. Also thanks a bunch
for reimbursement (I've received it today).

I have some comments for the record:

Honestly, when I see this mail at foundation-list, I feel a little sad why I
spend much time at volunteers task. ( But I will still do more with GNOME
cause that’s the way I choose to contribute )

I'm very sorry if my mail here caused you (or anyone) any grief. The
point was to bring up a potential issue that I saw: If travel
committee members do not have sufficient time to be able to
communicate in timely manner to folks awaiting for reimbursement. If
that is the case, nobody is to be blamed (since as you said, you're
all volunteers) but rather we should talk about possible solutions.

I do realize now that I failed completely to communicate the actual
intent of the email and perhaps didn't choose the best of the wording,
for which I'm sorry.

2016/3/1   -   Accept the explain, note will change to paypal method ( but
not give information )

I actually did send Kat a paypal request immediately after but was not
informed then that that is not good enough. The last I heard from
travel-committee at this time was that travel-committee will follow-up
with Rosanna. So I kept on waiting..

2016/3/3   -  Zeeshan  -  Ask reibursement status

2016/3/3   -  Travel Committee  -  Reply to zeeshan, not receive paypal
information from zeeshan so Rosanna can’t pay via payal method

2016/3/3   -  Zeeshan  -  Provide  paypal account information

2016/3/10 -  Zeeshan  -  Ask reimbursement status again and send to
foundation-list mail

Actually there were 6 days between these two events. My mail to
foundation-list was on 2016/3/16.

2016/3/10 -  Travel Committee  - Notify Zeeshan already in reimbursement

This didn't happen so since I had not received any reply for two
weeks, I got very frustrated.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
Befriend GNOME:

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