Re: Agenda for board meeting on November 3rd

On 06/11/15 04:40 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:

That's true.  The program's developers, or others, can put it in the
Google store if they wish.

My point is that the GNOME Foundation should not do so.

So your point is that it would be better that the app appear on the
store to come from Random J Hacker that most of the users might not have
heard of, rather than a trusted organisation like the GNOME Foundation.
Opening the door to Joe Criminal to publish a similar app that would
have a malicious impact (stealing personal information, spying, etc.).

That is rather disconcerting.

While we can disagree with the model of the app store as a gatekeeper,
and the non-freedom side of it, it surely is better to ensure that model
is not used maliciously against efforts towards Software Freedom.

I am all supportive of the GNOME Foundation is the foundation decide to
publish Free Software applications on any app store to try to promote
Software Freedom.


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