Agenda for board meeting on November 3rd

The next board meeting is 2015-11-03. Here's our public agenda. We
welcome questions or feedback on any of these items.

The board meeting are currently planned to take place on a weekly
basis, so non-urgent ideas for future discussions are also welcome.

 * Adboard
  * next meeting
 * Google Play account
 * Instagram filters in GNOME: see email thread by the same name
 * Trademark renewals
 * Conference sponsorship brochure
 * Trademark/legal requests backlog
  * Ubuntu GNOME trademark licence agreement
   * the board needs to review and agree the draft sent by Pam two weeks ago
  * "GNOME logo for a t-shirt" by A. Cojocaru
 * Sysadmin sponsorship brochure & pitch
  * Review feedback on the draft
  * Coming up with perks
 * Open items:
  * GIMP reimbursements
  * ED search
  * GNOME.Asia
  * Budget

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