Re: Minutes of the Board Meeting of October, 27th, 2015

Hey Sri,

I'll just respond to the trademark and merchandise questions here,
since that's what I'm most familiar with.

Sriram Ramkrishna <sri ramkrishna me> wrote:
 * trademark license agreement
  * It will last for two years
  * 10% of net receipts (profits) will be donated to the foundation
  * We should be sent a royalty report every 6 month by email
  * VOTE: Approve a trademark license agreement for
   * VOTE: +1 Allan, Kat, Jeff, Cosimo
   * Contract wording should be reviewed as it could be improved

This is awesome!  So does this make the second trademark license agreement
that we had?  Allan and I were working with someone else, is it it the same
person or is this a different one?

This is the second new trademark agreement that we have in progress.
Both are in the final stages of being finalised.

How do you intend to spread the word of these trademark license agreements?

I'll definitely let the Engagement Team know when each new agreement
is completed, and had planned on spreading the word on social media.
Also, once we have these new agreements signed, I was wondering about
whether we should have a page on, with links to the various

Also, can we start spreading out what kind of knickknacks?  I mean, the
GNOME foot lends itself to some of the cutest baby clothes ever.  Given how
many of us are starting families, it seems that  this is the right time to
have these kind of things.

Maybe talk to Andreas about doing that via our Zazzle store? It
shouldn't be too hard.


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