Re: code of conduct question for Board candidates

Hi Olav,

I don't follow why I'd sign something can cause legal issues for me if I
could do without that.

I am not sure why you are concerned that a community code of conduct could cause legal issues for you, are you able to elaborate on that? 
I think in the question the GNOME community vs foundation members are
mixed up. Those are not the same thing.

I'm a bit surprised that people see a Code of Conduct as something new.
See e.g.; we already expect people to follow the
Code of Conduct.

Marina can correct me if I am inadvertently misrepresenting her intention here, but I think the reason she is suggestion a community code of conduct is essentially because the mailing list code of conduct is (as the name suggests) specific to the mailing list and there is also no official enforcement of those sorts of principles (nor should their be, in my view).

And before someone misunderstands, I have enforced the Code of Conduct,
I've signed the existing one and agree to the thoughts behind both.

Which CoC are you referring to here? (there's so many in this thread now, I can't keep up! ;-))

This maybe my annoyance with volunteering and then getting too much "do
this or else".. that takes the fun out of it. I prefer "assume people
mean well".

I am aware this concern exists for some members of the community about the principle of CoCs and I can sympathise with that worry too, but let's explore in context: Assuming people mean well on the mailing list is really just another way of saying "don't jump to conclusions". Objectively that's a really sensible thing to suggest people to think about doing on mailing lists, since lots of people do often react without thinking on those things... However, this is about how we propose to address *serious* examples of detrimental misconduct, not "trivial" mailing list squabbles which members are able to resolve between themselves.


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