Re: GUADEC 2010 Talks

On 16/06/14 09:50 AM, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
Actually I've just noticed that does point to its own internal
URLs and understandably they do not host the videos, however the original
links do work, so the videos are there, we should prolly rescue them to
YouTube, who owns the GNOME youtube account?

Just to make things clear: is the wayback machine. The
Internet Archive is a more global archive with curated collections.
That's the one I'm proposing we (the community) try to take care of.

Uploading the videos to youtube would be an easy start.[1]

At the moment I'm downloading the 2010 videos from the previously
mentioned link - the "all day" versions. I will see if they can be cut
properly into proper talks.

Do we know the licensing of these video?

Now if anybody in the community can help locating the videos of other
Guadecs, I'd love to help getting these together.



[1] While youtube has its own set of privacy concern, youtube offer one
of the very few reliable video solution that doesn't involve installing
patent encumbered codecs and/or non-Free Flash.[2]
[2] I have been browsing without Flash, I can tell you, Youtube mostly
works. Including for pre-roll ads.

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