Re: Mission Statement

On Wed, Aug 06, 2014 at 06:15:22PM +0100, Allan Day wrote:
Again speaking as a member of the Engagement Team, I would say that
OPW has made it easier for us to talk about what GNOME does in a
coherent manner, rather than making it more difficult.

The general consensus that I see is that GNOME is without funds due to
OPW. A status update from the board would be welcome. During AGM it was
mentioned that it was decided that no status update would be given atm.
I think such a status update is overdue.

I think OPW is great. Having it ran by GNOME is great as well. Lack of
status update is bad. Having OPW funds under the same legal entity is
IMO questionable. I think it should be a separate legal entity. For as
it already caused risks, and I don't see how this is aligned with
mission statement. Meaning: A lot of money is being moved via GNOME.
GNOME has special status (the donate for free bit), IMO legal entity
would be needed.


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