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Hi Sindhu,

On 27.05.2013 11:18, Sindhu S wrote:
Currently the description goes under a section called "About xxx" where
xxx is the name of the mailing list. For this list the description is:

"This is a forum for discussion relating to the GNOME Foundation. For
information relating to the GNOME Foundation, please see the following

which I think can be elaborated to the likes of:

"This is a forum for discussion relating to the workings of GNOME
Foundation as an organization. You can post questions/queries about it's
administration, purview of activities, events/conferences that concern
it (that is, where GNOME is involved or being promoted) and related
matters. For help regarding GNOME and it's applications see:
gnome-shell, gnome-love..."

Such a description should be more elaborate in explaining the mailing
list's intention, I think.
Thanks for your suggestion. I updated the text on


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